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Contemporary Community Curriculum Timeline:

*CCC Teacher Artist Workshops
February through June 2000.

Beginning in February 2000 year, 25 urban and suburban teachers participated in a semester-long workshop series at University of Illinois at Chicago studios and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Professor Olivia Gude, along with artists-in-residence Heather McAdams, Mary Patten, and Bernard Williams introduced curriculum and project ideas that challenged many of the unconsidered and unseen boundaries of conventional art education. The teachers and artists worked collaboratively to explore ways in which teachers could make significant connections between their own experiences as learners and artmakers and their students’ parallel experiences of learning and artmaking.

The CCC teachers developed and implemented curriculum that uses contemporary artistic practices as the means of interdisciplinary investigations of vital themes in students’ lives and communities.

CCC Workshop Teachers Thoughts on How Introducing Contemporary Art Practices Changes Art Education

*Contemporary Contexts in Art Education
a CCC symposium for teachers at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
March 31,2000.

For more information on the CCAE Symposium

*Contemporary Community Curriculum Show
an exhibition of 21st-century art projects for middle school and high school
Gallery 400, University of Illinois at Chicago
June 16 through July 15, 2000.

For pictures of the Contemporary Community Curriculum show.

*CCC Evaluation & Vision Meeting
June 29, 2000

Teachers, artists-in-residence, high school student representatives, art education professors, and funders met at the CCC Curriculum Show for a day-long discussion to consider the significance of the curriculum generated by the project and the effect of CCC on the pedagogical practices of participating teachers. The event included brainstorming sessions on the kind of information a CCC website should include and on possible structures and goals for future CCC projects.

For excerpts from reports by CCC evaluators.

*Contemporary Community Curriculum exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art
Robert B. and Beatrice C. Mayer Education Center Gallery
Fall 2000.

MCA Exhibition 1
Memory Museum, an installation by art teacher Mathias Schergen and the students of Jenner Elementary School
Contemporary ABCs project by art teacher Ruth Felton and the students of Haven Middle School

MCA Exhibition 2
Power of Advertising project by art teacher Tracy Van Duinen and the students of Austin Community Academy

MCA Exhibition 3
Life’s Deal: Deck of Cards project by art teacher Lisa Wax and the students of Whitney Young High School
Video as Installation projects by art teacher Robert Moriarty and the students of Morton West High School
Moment in Time Video project by art teacher Kim Fitzer and the students of
Hinsdale Central High School.
Hair Today project by art teacher Sandra Campbell in collaboration with students of Oak Park and River Forest High School

* Shape-Shifting: Curriculum Change in the Postmodern Era
lecture by Kerry Freedman and invitational student art show based on CCC paradigms
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 30, 2001

Professor Kerry Freedman of Northern Illinois University is one of the most significant thinkers in contemporary art education. Her books, Culture Curriculum, and Art Education: International Perspectives (with F. Hernandez) and Postmodern Art Education: an Approach to Curriculum (with P. Stuhr and A. Efland) are important explorations of the roles of art education in a multi-cultural, postmodern world. In a recent article in Studies in Art Education, "Social Perspectives of Art Education in the U.S.: Teaching Visual Culture in a Democracy," Freedman contributes significant concepts to the emerging debate about expanding the content and aims of art education. Professor Freedman has taught and consulted in over twenty countries. She is a member of the national Council for Policy on Art Education. In 2000, Kerry Freedman was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the National Art Education Association.