- Developing New Models for Art Education
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Excerpts from the CCC Evaluation & Vision reports by

Dalida Maria Benfield (for complete text click here)

"Student empowerment is clearly at the heart of a project focused on innovative curriculum that expands content and methods of art education in middle and high school. The project provided important venues for student self-expression and creative innovation, as was clearly evidenced by the quality of artwork in the culminating exhibition."

Deborah Smith-Shank (for complete text click here)

The CCC Initiative is a relevant and timely intervention for art educators. According to the National Standards for Art Education, practitioners in the field should be addressing issues relating to interdisciplinary and cross-curricular concerns. This is a difficult enterprise. Artificial boundaries that effectively serve to separate subjects in public school curricula do little to enhance communication between the various subjects in schooling. The CCC Initiative has effectively brought reading, writing, critical thinking, and visual art into the context of students' projects.

Cynthia Weiss (for complete text click here)

Each of the teachers in this project has the potential to become a leader in art departments, schools, and in the field of arts education. They all spoke about how valuable and supportive the cross-city dialogue with other art professionals was to their development. . . Many participants talked about how this practice encourages art teachers to change the paradigm of how they teach. It encourages teachers to think and work like professional artists in the schools and make art teaching more authentically "disciplined based" in the broader sense of the word.