- Developing New Models for Art Education
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Thanks to these people who have helped to make the CCC project a reality:

Michael Bobendrier, CCC Coordinator for his relentless attention to detail, great design, thoughtful advice, and constant support.

Jon Pounds, my partner, husband, advisor, and faithful back up for all CCC events and projects

Sara Isaacs and Bonnie Osborne, who can figure out the bureaucracy of a university

Jane Saks, for helping to raise the money

Joseph Tremonti, who taught me to think about website design

Oliver Roeger and Linda Bracamontes, for the re-design and creation of the CCC Website

Joanne Vena, who provided early financial and morale support

Judith Kirshner, who encouraged me to think about what I really wanted to accomplish

David Perry and the staff of the Great Cities Institute, who had the vision to understand why art education is important to a great city

The many art teachers who gave me support and advice when I was feeling discouraged by this project, especially Susan Dardar, Tracy VanDuinen, Rob Moriarty, and Lisa Wax