By making [that] choice, then, I was shifting my concentration from ‘art-doing’ to ‘art-experiencing’; an artwork would be done specifically for a gallery – in other words, for a peopled space, for a space in which there were gallery-goers. The gallery, then, could be thought of as a community meeting place, a place where a community could be formed, where a community could be called to order, called to a particular purpose.
Vito Acconci

As a reaction to the rigid, minimal sculpture that immediately preceded it, it [installation art] displays much of the same conceptual coolness and devaluation of ‘relationships’ at the same time that it opens up new possibilities of freedom from the object and collaboration with the environment.
Max Kozloff

Websites related to installation:

Judy Chicago
This site showcases important installation works by feminist artist, Judy Chicago. It includes the legendary installation, Womanhouse, a large-scale collaborative project created by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro with students of the Feminist Art Program at Cal Arts. Women transformed each room in the house to suggest the psychological and social issues facing women in the 1970s. Other projects featured on this site include: The Dinner Party, a symbolic history of women in Western civilization; The Holocaust Project, an exploration of one of the darkest periods in human history; and Resolutions, a needlework project that reinterprets traditional sayings for postmodern times.

Christian Boltanski
Botanksi creates hauntingly beautiful, evocative installations out of such materials as newspaper clippings, found photographs, clothing, and candles. His work, often utilizing shadows and projections, examines the transitory nature of people’s lives and communities.