Permanent Outdoor Mural
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Bernard Williams uses the Collaborative Wall Collections paper project as a method for designing collaborative permanent murals with youth. Pictured here are final and process pictures of murals created by Williams with students at St. Malachy and at Visitation elementary schools.

After the symbols are developed they are laid out on the floor on paper scaled to the actual size of the mural wall. Measurements are taken and transferred to the wall. Colored background areas are painted. Then the symbols are traced onto the wall with pencil and filled in with paint.

In these outdoor murals, the mural is painted directly on a clean brick wall using acrylic gesso as primer. The paint is a good quality jar acrylic paint.

A good source of inexpensive mural paint is Nova Color Acrylic Paint. It is only available from the factory in Culver City, California. The paint comes in pints, quarts, and gallons. If you are choosing paint for an outdoor mural, be sure to only use colors with pigments that are rated Lightfastness I or II. Lightfastness III pigments will fade quickly. It’s also a good idea to coat outdoor (and indoor) murals with a clear acrylic topcoat. Contact Nova Color at

Project pics 1- 4 are St. Malachy.
Project pics 5-7 are Visitation Elementary School.