Student Artists:
Gregory Airdo
Corey Bitner
Mike Bordoshuk
Mike Casper
David Chirafisi
Ivan Contreras
Eli Medina
Michelle Morelli
Jonathen Rivas
Cecilia Tito
Josh Zatecka
Branislav Basaric
Rob Elsayed
Melissa Lenca
Joanna Sarros
Jesse Trevino

Teacher Artist:
Robert Moriarty
Flight to Reality

a video installation by the Advanced Video class of
Morton West High School, Berwyn, Illinois, December 2001.

A blue sky, marred by headline-filled clouds introduced the school community to the installation. One monitor showed a mock airport flight schedule, including the numbers and destinations of the flights hijacked on September 11. The other monitor showed the hands of the students, continuously turning the pages of their textbooks.


Surrounded by black silhouettes of fighter jets, the monitor in this darkened room showed an abstracted montage of the events of September 11. Another smashed TV sat on the floor, inside an outline of the United States. A scrim-covered window showed an eerie projection of a plane flying into space. The light of this projection shone onto a wall-size torn-paper fetus surrounded by the words, “When does human life loose its innocence?”

Visitors were forced to crouch lower and lower as they entered the Denial Room through a narrow hallway. Suggesting simultaneous withdrawal and obsession, the room features a bed, covered with an American flag to which the students pinned fragments of headlines, facing a TV set. The wall commemorates the many firemen who lost their lives in the tragedy.

The Anger Room was filled with paper airplanes surrounded by a scene of the city on fire intermixed with the students’ baby pictures.

After entering through a tombstone-lined hall, visitors entered a room of tears falling from projected eyes.

Student artists wrote an acrostic poem using Acceptance as the key word. The poem was performed in a hip-hop style by heads in two monitors responding to each other.

Wanting to offer comfort before sending visitors away, the final room provided a video combining scenes of cooking shows and scenes of nature as well as real samples of such comfort foods as macaroni and cheese, chicken soup, and chocolate pudding.