Adrian Piper is a professor of philosophy and an artist. Much of the work of this African American artist has dealt with issues of race and identity in contemporary America. She has been producing and showing her art since the late 1960s.

Vanilla Nightmare series by Adrian Piper
“In her Vanilla Nightmares series, Adrian Piper's charcoal figures are aggressively inserted into a seemingly democratic medium--the newspaper. In Vanilla Nightmare #6 she reinserts the image of enslaved blacks into a corporate and political discussion of South Africa that avoids mention of them. In another, she reverses the scene of seduction: a drowsily recumbent male model, wearing only his Calvin Klein’s, is visited by what appears to be the ancient figure of the djinn. The spirit hovers over him somewhat ominously. It is perhaps the most enigmatic image in this battle of persuasion: an ancient struggle of influence, here played out between the exquisite corporate fantasy, and the genie-- a protoadvertising vehicle of desire-- portrayed by a vision of critical intrigue.”

Images from the Vanilla Nightmare Series:

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