An unexpected danger of creating art projects that deal with “reality” is that the language by which we speak about what is happening may suggest that the news media presentation of reality is synonymous with the complexity of events in the world. For example, a teacher might understandably describe the Newspaper Ground project as a response to current events, rather than as a response to events as filtered and presented through a particular media source.

The tragedy of September 11 suggests that it is important for all Americans to expand their frames of reference and view events from expanded and multiple perspectives.

Some good sources of news and commentary outside the mainstream; these magazines also have on-line material:

The Nation
From The Nation's founding prospectus in 1865:
The Nation will not be the organ of any party, sect, or body. It will, on the contrary, make an earnest effort to bring to the discussion of political and social questions a really critical spirit, and to wage war upon the vices of violence, exaggeration, and misrepresentation by which so much of the political writing of the day is marred.

The Nation Directory
This is a good resource for finding information on dozens of topics such as civil rights, gender, environmental issues, etc. A section with Youth and Education links is especially useful for teachers.

In These Times

In These Times is a national, biweekly magazine of news and opinion published in Chicago. For 25 years, In These Times has provided groundbreaking coverage of the labor movement, environment, feminism, grassroots politics, minority communities, and the media. In These Times features award-winning investigative reporting about corporate malfeasance and government wrongdoing, insightful analysis of national and international affairs, and sharp cultural criticism about events and ideas that matter.
In These Times
has been nominated for a 2001 Alternative Press Award for “Best Political Coverage.”

The Progressive
The mission of The Progressive is to be a journalistic voice for peace and social justice at home and abroad. The magazine, its affiliates, and its staff steadfastly oppose militarism, the concentration of power in corporate hands, the disenfranchisement of the citizenry, poverty, and prejudice in all its guises. We champion peace, social and economic justice, civil rights, civil liberties, human rights, a preserved environment, and a reinvigorated democracy.

Mother Jones
Founded in 1976, Mother Jones is an independent, nonprofit magazine whose roots lie in a commitment to social justice implemented through first-rate investigative reporting. Winner of a 2001 National Magazine Award in General Excellence, Mother Jones has been nominated for National Magazine Awards nine times and has won four times. Since Roger Cohn took over as editor-in-chief in 1999, Mother Jones has redoubled its commitment to its core values through groundbreaking investigations on subjects such as the pitfalls of for-profit online education; the rise of the private prison industry; the boom in offshore tax-evasion by Americans who profited from the bull stock market of the '90s and by U.S. banks and corporations; and the unhealthy consequences of the mass-market television advertising of prescription drugs.